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As was becoming quite regular in Italian genre films at the time, Macabre boasts a tiny cast with Bernice Stegers as Jane and Stanko Molnar as Robert taking the vast majority of the screen time. Both have very challenging parts but perform very well - Molnar is highly convincing as a blind man while Jane excellently plays the emotionless disturbed woman part. Pick up Danse Macabre as a jam-packed roadmap to all the horror you may have missed. Great for those who never lived the ’50s through the ’80s, and even better for those wanting to get into the genre. The best part, though, are King’s essays on his past and how it intermingles with horror; call me a junkie, but I sure love to hear about what influences some of my favorite horror, just as King tries to do here in his dance. In his mondo tales of the insular town of Barntrosna, McCabe assembles a distinctly Irish crew of odd and unusual inhabitants who live on and regularly cross, often unconsciously, the border between fantasy and reality. In "Hot Nights at the Go-Go Lounge," Larry Bunyan is certain his demure wife is secretly out at night with deadbeat swingers, shooting drugs and having wild sex, while in "I Ordained the Devil," the Bishop of Barntrosna confesses that his ordination of Father Packie Cooley was really an ordination of His Satanic Majesty. vitalik buterin supports ethereum classic vitalik buterin supports ethereum classic ethereum classic hard cap
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