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After spending ten (10) days in South China visiting the towns of Fuzhou and Changle immersed in a conversation that did not include U.S. presidential politics. There was pleasure in looking back on the fact that the president came full circle on gay marriage. I was in favor of civil unions and adamantly against calling the union of two people of the same sex; I evolved based on my own deliberations because I alone make up my mind on every issue. Life is short and I don’t give a hoot about who marries whom as long as it is not mandatory that I marry a man. I am not and never will be a person participating in discrimination against another human being. African Americans/Blacks should stop using the Bible since crackers used the Bible to justify slavery; its okay to oppose gay marriage but there is no need to slam the door on the conversation using the Bible. Don’t forget that the institution of slavery was justified by the bibical premise; we all know how that worked out. Laws prohibiting miscegenation were bibically based by rabid opponents. Most people don’t have the guts or integrity to say” I oppose gay marriage because I am personally against the idea so I will prohibit your freedom to do so. My friend of long standing (39) years, Mr. Nickens opposes gay marriage without using the Koran as a smoke screen or crutch; I laud and respect his integrity and honesty. On the other hand my friend of longest standing (48) years, Mr. Andrews is gay and has been for 83 years; I will fight anyone who chooses to advocate against his rights because he spent 8 years in the United States Air Force with an Honorable Discharge. It must be shocking to the haters in our midst that gay soldiers are not a contemporary phenomenon. Looking back at America, from China, my president made me proud to be an American and especially a Black American in a country where the American Government prattles on and on about human rights. The major difference between human rights. The major difference between human rights in America is the very difference in the definition of human rights. Man up and woman up because you must realize that God would not be as narrow minded as humans. Be wary of all attempts to put gay marriage on referendums because we weren’t voted out of slavery. If it was left up to the ballot box white men, who were the only voters, we would still be owned lock stock and barrel. Black Americans should fiercely oppose discrimination wherever and whenever we detect the ugly specter of hate and racism. visa ethereum enterprise alliance visa ethereum enterprise alliance Kronos' exploration of Mexican music spanning 100 years, released as an album in 2002. Review: Falling from the heights of success as a radio personality, director of two Southern California radio stations and family man, to the drunken depths of despair and rootless dereliction, left Paul Meyers at the bottom. In agonized desperation he asked Jesus Christ for help and that moment in the early 1930s was the beginning of the Haven Of Rest Ministries. With his radio experience Paul created a radio program with a quartet, speaker, pipe organ, vibra harp and some poetry. The Haven Quartet are the descendants of this inspirational beginning. On this recording from 1991, you will hear the variety of harmonies usually associated with the four-square gospel singing traditions but the beautifully balanced voices of the quartet are so well matched that this recording is pleasurably reminiscent of the lush harmonies of Glad. Companion songbook available. 0.03243279 btc to u
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