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As far as District neighborhoods go, this one is among the most predictable. Its stately Colonials and quiet streets have long been favored by Washington elites. It’s not undergoing any kind of revitalization—because it doesn’t need one. The bar “scene” is limited mostly to low-key joints like the Avenue and the Chevy Chase Lounge (where Brett Kavanaugh hangs out). So why, then, did the Zip code see a 12.3-percent spike in home prices in 2018—the kind of jump more typical of gentrifying neighbor­hoods undergoing drastic change? One explanation, local real-estate agents say, is that more well-off families are choosing Chevy Chase DC over farther-flung options such as Potomac and McLean. Whereas luxury buyers once preferred the space and land available in those places, today more of them want houses in the city, where it’s possible to walk to the grocery store and commute downtown in less than 30 minutes. litecoin security Dies und Das: - Makros: -1300 kcal, 80g Fett, 115g KH, 20g Protein - Daten: 438g, 500ml, weiße und dunkle Fettglasurstückchen (je 3%)% Pecannüsse (2%), Walnüsse (2%), Schoko überzogene Mandeln (3%) litecoin security security info populated the tokenstorage with an anonymous token Legendary for its innovative flavor combinations and creative names, a pint of Ben & Jerry’s premium ice cream is a well-loved indulgence for many consumers. As one of the original distributors of Ben & Jerry’s since 1985, Gillette Creamery carries the full line of recognizable Ben & Jerry’s flavors in pints, 2.4 gallon tubs as well as novelties.
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