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litecoin register litecoin register kraken v2 best buy While hiking after a heavy rain is recommended, you should be careful about going when the flow is too high. The creeks flowing through Hickory Nut Gorge have a habit of becoming raging torrents. If you go during very wet conditions, don’t be surprised to find the first small creek crossing impassable. If you find the first crossing possible but a little dicey, I would caution against continuing the hike unless you’re certain the creek flow will not increase. Otherwise, you might find yourself stranded on the way back. Wildcat Rock Trail, which leads to the falls, opened in 2017. The trail features sustainable design that protects the rare species and sensitive natural habitats found along the route. Peter Barr, the trails coordinator for Conserving Carolina, designed the trail in 2014 and managed its construction over the following four years. In 2018, the Coalition of Recreational Trails bestowed Conserving Carolina and Barr their annual achievement award for trail design and construction for the Wildcat Rock Trail. Senator Richard Burr and Representative Mark Meadows presented Barr with the award on Capitol Hill.
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