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Eating out in Nyaung U There are some restaurants and cafes in Nyaung U and we stuck to this area instead of heading into New Bagan. Most of the restaurants are located in the “restaurant street” or Thi Ri Pyitsaya 4 St. I don’t think that you could call this a culinary adventure place as there are only a few restaurants. We had dinner at Weather Spoon's that was good – they serve local, Asian and western food so we decided to stick to local food. A portion of curry is about 3900 Kyats (3 USD) while a large Mandalay beer (0.7 liter) is 2100 Kyats (1.7 USD). Nikki really enjoyed their Mandalay Mule. Most of the restaurants are semi outdoor places and it was piping hot when we were having dinner at Weather Spoon's. The Black Bamboo had good fried rice and ginger chicken and has a nice selection of homemade ice cream. Aroma 2 seems to be another favorite in town and they have Indian food. They have a cheesy slogan of “No good, no pay” that is a bit much (at least when we got the check and it was more or less translated into a number of languages) – but the food was good and cost about 6000 Kyats (5 USD). We also got to taste a Burmese red wine from Red Mountain at Aroma 2. I guess they were not used to serving wine as I had to take over the opening of the bottle before the waiter destroyed opener, the bottle or cut his fingers. The wine was actually not bad at all but ice-cold beer is better in this climate. We also ate at Novel restaurant – again we had Asian food (Thai/Chinese) that was OK – total bill for us was 16.000 Kyats (13 USD). Domestic Reservations: 30 – 35 days before the flight departure. ccrb crypto Texas based utility rebates. ccrb crypto
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